What is a storefront success story?

21 Jun

Christopher Pandolfi of Department of Unusual Certainties and Simon Rabyniuk are participating in Broken City Lab’s Storefront Residency for Social Innovation.

Starting from the position that Windsor isn’t the failure we’ve heard it to be we are engaging local business owners to explore the conditions of success. For our one month residency the storefront will become the cornerstone in a dynamic research and design process.

The store is the hub for all of our activities. Our working method is to begin where we are and move out. Projects include mapping the downtown BIA to understand types and concentrations of businesses, interviews with store owners, and ‘focus groups’ with customers. The  final ‘product’ will be a synthesis of our 1-month of research into a  tip-sheet for new and existing business owners within the downtown BIA. Followed by interviews with business owners and customers.


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