Tom from Phog, Speed Dating, and the beginnings of a possible success story

23 Jun


Tom is on the right

The success of this project lies in its ability to be constantly parasitic, attaching itself to whomever and whatever will ensure that it meets its ultimate goal- success. Introducing Tom Lucier, owner of Phog, a local bar/concert venue that once entering you begin to understand where the real soul of Windsor’s future lies. Tom also runs the Downtown Business Improvement Association’s blog, which by his accounts has been not only a success, but has given the downtown something it seems to lack- interest.

We believe Tom… and it has become quite apparent that without his help, certain ideas associated with this project would never reach their full potential unless we enlisted his help- so we asked Tom and Tom said yes.

Speed Dating in Windsor: You never had it this good.

The crux of this project or more specifically the the Tip Sheet (more to come), would be the involvement and knowledge of Windsor’s downtown business owners. Useful and insightful information generated by the users- a kind of anti-consultation project. Our role as we see it is as organizers.  We organize events, questions, and finally answers. We provide a project nobody asked for in hopes that will be embraced by everybody who comes in contact with it. A major component of this kind of thinking/action is to provide a venue where business owners, can meet other business owners, in an environment where the phrase “getting to know you” becomes the key to better connecting and strengthening the downtown business community.

After our first meeting with Tom it became quite apparent that this kind of idea was exactly what the Downtown Business Improvement Area needed (At one point we were ready to scrap this idea…It’s amazing what a one hour delay in London, Ontario can do to a person). It became clear almost immediately that the best way to get a lot of people who did not know each other very well, and to meet each other very quickly, was to employ the methodology of speed dating. The event is currently in the planning phases and is scheduled to happen on July 8, 2010.

Success- A conversation

Throughout the duration of this project one thing we will attempt to do is constantly question the idea of success- because we really have no clue what it means in the context of both this project and for Windsor.

Success is complicated. It is necessary to deconstruct it.

Defining success is crucial for success


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