Cataloguing and The Politics of the Spread Sheet

26 Jun


The mapping and cataloguing of the Windsor Downtown BI A has been completed. This task has provided us with two important findings: The first is an understanding of the downtown, albeit a very autocratic one. The task of cataloguing every store within the downtown BIA was never meant to function as a way to understand downtown Windsor from a social or cultural perspective, but instead an understanding of the individual function and role each of the streets play in the conglomeration of what is defined as the Downtown Windsor BIA. The second is a compilation of qualitative data which will allow us to generate information for the Tip Sheet. This data is not meant to define or redefine anything, but instead allow us the freedom to create statistics based on what we cognitively recorded during our field work. What we feel is important is that the different forms information generated by this project come always from the ground up- through observation and listening.

Spread Sheets

Notes are great. However they lack the ability to process and organize large amounts of information in a timely manner. Transforming our cognitive data into digital data allows us both to understand the real relationships and changes occurring in the downtown BIA, as well as the speculative ones. The categories we have chosen are based both on typical categories related to the service sector (Financial Services) but include our own ideas of what those categories mean to us (Manistream Financial Services vs. Predatory Financial Services) . The data will then be transformed into a series of infographics amongst the other information being placed on the now elusive “Tip Sheet”


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