Opportunity Cost

13 Jul

Tip Sheet: Windsor’s Downtown Businesses on Business

One month later, the ‘elusive’ tip sheet has materialized. It is the culmination of our field research in Windsosr during our participation in the Storefront Residency for Social Innovation.

The Tip Sheet is meant to be distributed to every business owner in the Downtown Windsor Business Association (DWBIA), and we hope it to be accessed and used by potential and new business owners as well. So far we have given copies to the DWBIA and city planning department, with the request for it to be distributed.

The information found on this sheet is a reflection of the knowledge and attitudes of Windsor’s downtown business community. This project is an attempt to create a user driven process. Our role was to engage, collect, and present back to a wider audence, exploring the topic of success in Windsor’s downtown business community. Working men and women of the world unite, your chains are your own to lose.

We would like to thank the businesses owners who agreed to be interviewed, those that participated in Speed Dating for Store Owners, as well as, Broken City Lab, Tom Lucier, and Drunkin’ Burrito.


One Response to “Opportunity Cost”

  1. joeduffer July 14, 2010 at 3:47 pm #

    What chains would you be referring too? Those tied to the parking meters in the BIA?

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